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Advantages of WiFi Hotspot for Public Area SmartHubyFree

WiFi Hotspot for Public Area SmartHubyFree

Advantages  of WiFi Hotspot for Public Area SmartHubyFree

  • Technical staff is not involved in network administration - access to the wireless network for guests and visitors is done without a password and with time constraint and reasonable sharing of connection capacity
  • Employees in public WiFi zones and visitors work on separate wireless networks (with different SSID identifiers) and external users do not have access to corporate servers and peripherals, which increases the level of information security
  • The service provides the opportunity to advertise and direct users of the public wireless access zone to information at no extra cost
  • SmartHubyFree is a personalized  technical  solution that allows our customers to focus fully on their core business activities and provide equipment and network administration to public access areas which have a high degree of automation and security and cost optimization
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