SNMP Monitoring and Threshold Alarms

SNMP  monitoring OpenVPN client

For customers who want to organize network parameter monitoring, we offer an SNMP monitoring service with a notification if the parameter exceeds the set and assumed for normal limitations. The notification service is subject to additional negotiation. We offer customers and ICMP monitoring as well.

SNMP services are provided by a fixed network address server for SNMP-enabled SNMP-compliant devices. Each customer is given access to a chart of the monitoring parameter with a 5-minute sampling period. The period of time sampling of 1 minute is subject to additional negotiation. We offer CPE Mikrotik - SmartHubyStar OpenVPN-client for network devices with private IP addresses.

DNS/DDNS Administration

The service we offer to our customers is to maintain a DNS/DDNS zone for a domain delegated only to our servers. They are reserved under the “master-slave” scheme. The reservation “master-master”  is negotiated. Zones Maintenance, SPF, DKIM, DMARC Records.

For DDNS clients that are provided and maintained by us, a subdomain is configured, supported by the master-master schema.

To handle DDNS requests in the form of a metadata stream, the service is negotiated. With high flow density, the service is provided on servers hired entirely for client zones.

Network Applications and Terms for Use

Client-server applications that we offer to customers and which are related to accessing services on the Internet are name services (DNS). For client domains, we provide support and administration of two master-slave zones for both static network addresses (DNS) and dynamic addresses (DDNS).


For customers who want to organize their network monitoring from an external network public address, we offer an SNMP monitoring service with a notification if a parameter goes beyond set and accepted for normal limits.


Our network applications are extremely flexible pricing and allow you to optimize your network administration costs if you do not want to maintain specialized servers yourself and focus on things you do well.

DDNS Clients

The services we offer to clients provide a permanent name on the Internet for dynamic public network address of the router in the office or home network. The service we offer is provided by a client-script configured on the Mikrotik router that we administer. For a client router network and address translation from public to private addresses, we provide a DDNS client router with a private address that must be included in the internal network.


The name provided by the DDNS service is in our domain and is provided by two name servers (DDNS) reserved as master-master . If the name is in the domain of the customer, it must pay and maintain a domain.