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Network Services and Terms for Use

Whether your business is connected to your home or an office center, we can provide you with the necessary connectivity and network services to keep up your work. The flawless technical solution and the high performance of network infrastructure determine the efficiency of each company and personality.

  • Wireless "Wi-Fi" and Wired Networks - installation and upgrades
  • Set up for switches and routers
  • Reservation of Internet access for a network with two service providers
  • Dynamic Routing Protocol Configuration - OSPF, BGP
  • Migration of router configurations - Cisco (IOS), Juniper (Junos), Quagga, Bird
  • Reservation of Internet access with 3G/4G modems in a mobile Internet access networks
  • Internet access for Ethernet equipment with 4G modems
  • Virtual private networks to access home and office with unrestricted mobility and a high level of data security
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • System consultations and projects
  • Configuring and maintaining Hotspot for a public "Wi-Fi" area in offices or restaurants with limited-time access and with advertising
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