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For Whom the Virtual Private Ofiice Network SmartHubyProfit is Intended

 Virtual Private Ofiice Network SmartHubyProfit

 For Whom the Network is Intended

  • If your business network has more than one office with a dynamic or private IP address and you do not want to lose access when changing the address
  • If your offices are in different cities and you can not ensure  their connectivity through a single ISP if you have been told how fast MPLS-VPN solutions are, but no one has told you that they do not provide encryption of traffic and do not solve the problem of network mobility for company vehicles
  • If your employees often travel or work remotely but need to use office resources - peripherals, printers, servers to share documents and folders on computers without limitations in distance and mobility
  • If it is necessary to control the office from the car, from the hotel or from a foreign network without worrying about the security of the network transport
  • If you are following  for cameras, lighting, temperature, access to more offices or want to monitor the work process
  • If you want computers, servers and IP telephones in all offices to be in the same Ethernet and IP segment with encrypted data exchange over the Internet
  •  If you have service cars that you want to be part of the corporate network to work effectively with them and exchange documents through your own encrypted connection
  • If you want to have 24x7 monitoring network connectivity and event alerts

Then become users of the service and  may the  SmartHubyProfit be with you!
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