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Quick and Clear about the SmartHubyStar Mobile Virtual Private Network

About the SmartHubyStar mobile virtual private network
  • If you need to send data and share systems and resources on a common network Ethernet and IP segment with encrypted transport to any point where there is a mobile or fixed Internet, with a fixed subscription fee and a contract without limitation terms
  • If you own a house, a villa, a mushroom area, a warehouse,  an apiary, cars or offices where you do not live permanently and you do not have the possibility or the desire for a fixed Internet in these places, but you need to control them from their local network from home, another car or motorcycle, from the hotel, from the top of the mountain or from the beach.


  • You must have mobile or fixed Internet at the place where you are using our SmartHubyStar Mobile Virtual Private Network
  • You need to carry a 120x180 mm box with router, 4G modem and power supply for 220V / AC and 12V / DC in a car
  • You need to take the 34 x 119 x 98mm router out of the box, plug it into the mains and connect the network cable to the router's LAN port on your home or office, or turn on the 4G modem. You will have access to the Internet and to all devices on the virtual private network without any restrictions.


 If you have arrived here in reading it is enough. You will become our client for what the SmartHubyStar Virtual Private Network provides. What is saved is in the following text, which is for indexing by search engines - they do not like the short and clear things - they are boring. You may read it. We work to make our services inconspicuous and boring. We provide the technical excellence of well-designed services and we do not necessarily need to get acquainted with our customer service staff. The time that will stay you from what you should not do for your virtual network invest in your work where you are strong, dedicate yourself to the family and friends who love you and enjoy pleasures that are enjoyable.


Because if you use SmartHubyStar Mobile Virtual Private Network ...


  • You should not change the home network or change the home router
  •  You should not install anything on your computer or mobile phone
  •  You do not have to know the address of the fixed Internet provider - private or public - and it is not necessary to search the Internet for what it means
  •  You do not have to know how often the fixed internet provider changes the IP address for the virtual mobile network customers or to use DDNS
  •  You do not need to know how to access an internal network - you are already there if you use the SmartHubyStar Virtual Private Network
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