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Parameter Monitoring with Alarms and Alerts. Whom Is the Solution For

Parameter Monitoring with Alarms and Alerts
Whom Is the Solution For
Monitoring solutions are specialized solutions for professionals who monitor critical parameters with limited network accessibility and atypical data format across all layers of the network model.

Events related to critical parameter exit from acceptable range are, for example, power outages and temperature rise at a remote point with equipment, loss of network connectivity to a camera object and alarm system, loss of connection to the smart home, unusual for hours of the day server overloads or network interfaces.

The response time required to service such events is small and imposes the transport of critical data via an additional communication channel, aggregation, processing, alarm generation and alerts as well as the initiation of certain emergency procedures.


If you can continuously provide and process data from a command line, from a metadata page, from public and private network sensors, transport them on your own independent channel, store them in  structured format, and post for monitoring by a server operator with a public address and making notifications in the form of e-mail or SMS, then our services are not for you.

If you can also develop emergency procedures to run automated procedures on Juniper (Junos), Cisco (IOS), Mikrotik (RouterOS) network servers, servers, routers and switches, and other Internet access equipment, you can understand for whom are our services in this class.

And for all those who have read this to end, because sometimes they want to check what is happening in a remote home, in a villa, in a greenhouse or in a mushroom .... wherever there is a mobile Internet.
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